"Friendly, proactive and professional support throughout our building adventure."
Mr Ashwan Kalra - Client, New Family Home, Surrey

FSC Environmental Policy

Here at FSC Consulting we are committed to minimise our use of natural resource and seek to lessen our impact on the environment through meeting all current environmental regulations, whilst developing our own standards where Government or European regulation is absent.

We aim to achieve our commitments through a series of measures that extend beyond the purchase of non-polluting or energy efficient products and include raising awareness of environmental responsibility throughout our employees and to make an impact through actively practicing and promoting good environmental policy.

Directly, we aim to reduce our consumption of resources, such as paper, water and electricity by ensuring that all of our consumables are purchased from more sustainable sources. We will also strive to reduce the effects of transport by increasing our use of public services where achievable and aim to reduce staff travel entirely by making the most of alternative forms of communication, such as conference calling.

Indirectly, we will also aim to develop our services to our clients by aiming to ensure that each project that we are involved in reaches the optimum balance between sustainability and value based on our client’s requirements. We aim to achieve this through commitment to the use of sustainable materials and aspiring to achieve BREEAM excellent rating for projects where possible.